Toloka Review

Whilst perusing articles for sites where I can earn some extra cash during breaks on my primary work, I came across an article which included the site Toloka. This site was new to me so I looked up reviews and majority deems it safe. A month into using the site and the app seems enoughContinue reading “Toloka Review”

5 Employment Sites to use when looking for Remote Jobs

1.JobStreet is an employment website which can be considered one of Asia’s leading online employment marketplaces. Helping facilitate the matching and communication of job opportunities between jobseekers and employers, in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam. It was founded in 1997. Founded in Malaysia, it is now Southeast Asia’s largest online employment company, accordingContinue reading “5 Employment Sites to use when looking for Remote Jobs”

Why you should think about getting and continuing a Hobby

One way to spend your spare time and have fun is having a hobby – be it artistic, music, gardening or simply watching your favorite movies and shows even learning new things. One way or another there are a plethora of hobbies that may greatly interest you whether it be, something you can do aloneContinue reading “Why you should think about getting and continuing a Hobby”

Disadvantages of Working from Home

Work from home or remote work is a very good alternative if you are looking for better work and salary options but can’t afford to relocate. And especially when the pandemic hit, this was the answer for a lot of people since working onsite for a lot of establishments were stopped all over the world.Continue reading “Disadvantages of Working from Home”

Making a Switch from Coffee to Tea

In my life as a working adult, coffee is a staple energizer and indulging drink when I feel tired or simply need an energy boost. I have a penchant for strong coffee and seldom use cream or milk for my drink. However, in the past years, I have had increased difficulty in sleeping and thereContinue reading “Making a Switch from Coffee to Tea”

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

When one thinks of tea you usually envision a liquid with either brown or yellowish color. However, there is a tea which is differently colored that most tea, a pop of blue color is produced when steeping this tea whether fresh or dried. I present to you the Butterfly Pea Flower Tea. So what isContinue reading “Butterfly Pea Flower Tea”

Advantages of Working From Home

The pandemic has made people realize that there are also opportunities for employment online that offer remote work options once businesses has shut down and there was a mass lay-off of employees. Looking for employment online might seem doubtful and stressful for a lot of people but I hope this article would help alleviate theContinue reading “Advantages of Working From Home”

5 Legitimate Money Making Apps

Here are 5 of the Money Making Apps that I have tried for myself and proven to really pay the user: 1. ClipClaps ClipClaps is an application for mobile devices that offers rewards to users just for watching funny videos, or playing some of the games it includes. The app is available for both AndroidContinue reading “5 Legitimate Money Making Apps”

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