Toloka Review

Whilst perusing articles for sites where I can earn some extra cash during breaks on my primary work, I came across an article which included the site Toloka. This site was new to me so I looked up reviews and majority deems it safe. A month into using the site and the app seems enough for me to write a review about it.

What is Toloka?

My First Impressions

I used the site first before downloading the app which is a plus because of the ease of access it provides whilst on the go. The site is easy to navigate and beginner friendly. There are a lot of tasks to qualify for and choose from which is great since the pay is like normal pay for microtasks which ranges from a 0.01 to 0.03 at the minimum.

What I Like about the App and the Site

  1. As mentioned above both site and the app are easy to use and navigate.
  2. There never is a shortage of tasks to qualify for and do which is great for a microtask site.
  3. One thing I liked the most is that the tasks are low to average difficulty which justifies the price range given for the tasks and higher difficulty tasks are given appropriate prices.
  4. You can also message the company giving the tasks if there were any issues to be resolved for their given tasks.

What I Didn’t Like and Other Observations

            One of the things that gave me problem is that the qualifying exams or trainings already have correct answers and therefore if given another answer due to an issue encountered is still counted as a wrong. For example, a qualifying exam instructs you to get the price of the item from a picture given, however the picture won’t load, so you just choose the error box it will mark it wrong automatically and all you can do is report the issue so other future taskers won’t encounter the same issue.

            Another is the scarcity of higher paying tasks. Though there are an abundance of tasks to do it would be beneficial to users is higher paying jobs appear more often since there is a minimum amount for Payoneer payouts and there is a service fee for Paypal payouts.

            Next thing is the tasks involving cameras for phone and desktops which instructs you to take a video of yourself or other people which is understandable because of the machine learning aspects of Toloka. Of course, it is up to you if you are comfortable with this kind of tasks and it is also priced at a higher value.


            Overall, Toloka is one of the better sites to use if you want to try earning beer money and is only starting out in trying these types of sites. It gives you a lot tasks and you can get higher pays as well once you qualify for more tasks and higher paying tasks.

Published by Ellie

A fulltime working adult with experience of profiting online through different media from apps to online platforms that offer freelancing services and the like.

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