Disadvantages of Working from Home

Work from home or remote work is a very good alternative if you are looking for better work and salary options but can’t afford to relocate. And especially when the pandemic hit, this was the answer for a lot of people since working onsite for a lot of establishments were stopped all over the world. However, when working from home, there are things you will need to take into account that you do not when working on site. Of course, not everyone will experience the same things when working from home and that is why I will be discussing in this article, mainly the disadvantages I and a few close colleagues of mine has encountered whilst working from home.

 If there are advantages in working online there will also be the disadvantages of working online from home. Listed below are a few of this said disadvantages.

1.The initial expense of setting up your work at home.

This is one of the hurdles that I struggled with whilst looking for remote work online. There are jobs and companies that I was planning to pitch my resume and portfolio to, but one of the necessary work requirements is to have a wired internet connection which is not cheap in my country. Another was the system requirements for your pc or laptop, I was fortunate enough to have my laptop up-to-date and in pretty good condition, even though I have had it for years. So, if you are planning to try remote work make sure that you have these two, especially the wired internet connection.

2. Domestic distractions and interruptions

I am confident when I say almost everyone had these problem whilst working at home, especially those who transitioned to remote work during the pandemic wherein everyone was on lockdown to stop the spread of the virus (Me being the introvert that I am, loved this though, interacting with other people takes a lot of effort and energy out of me). Of course, you can get around these problems if you are living alone without pets or if you have a designated room/office room at home to work without distractions. Even then, some of my colleagues shared their woes of being interrupted by their kids while working.

3. Noise Disturbance

Another disadvantage when working at home even if you live alone is the noise disturbance. Keeping the ambient sound in check is a must when working at home, however there are locations and instances when this seems almost impossible: having thin walls and adding to that noisy neighbors, being near transportation routes or terminals, especially being by railways. It is distracting you and in the event that you are in calls, your colleagues. One work around to this one, if you are in a location where background noise is the problem, is to look for a place in your house or apartment with minimal background noise and have noise canceling headphones and microphone.

4. Isolation/Loneliness

If you love people and are extroverted it might be good to anticipate this particular problem. As such it is good to have breaks and maybe chat and check in with your friends when you feel lonely or unmotivated to work. One particular colleague would use ambient office sounds to simulate the office atmosphere at home so she doesn’t feel so isolated or as how she calls it, disconnected.

Published by Ellie

A fulltime working adult with experience of profiting online through different media from apps to online platforms that offer freelancing services and the like.

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